Farm4energy is working to create solutions that bring together and integrate, existing and new, clean energy solutions, technologies, and ideas, where these technologies work together to form an energy farm, where the primary output is energy that is derived from all available fields, buildings, facilities, and people.

Current work of related ideas and technologies includes power production from Power Producing Exercise Equipment and Thin film solar installed as a BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics), heating solutions from densified grass and biomass (pellets and briquettes), and Cellulosic Ethanol research & production from grass and biomass, where we’re working to learn to produce it locally and on the farm.


Farm4energy is also studying the concepts of gasification (power produced from densified biomass), bio char (using ash from consumed biomass as a fertilizer), geothermal, and has worked with wind power where experience gained will be used to power an energy farm operation and also to set up small scale wind turbines that sell power back to the grid.

For questions, or if you would like to discuss ideas related to any topic presented on this website, would like to order any PRODUCTS or SERVICES we offer, or are interested in discussing opportunities to partner in building a community scale set up or for investment opportunities, please contact the following or submit a request or inquiry below:

Ian Paddock
Phone:         315-751-GRASS (4727)

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