Products and Services

Services & Solutions Offered At This Time:

Power Producing Stationary Exercise Bikes (individual)
• Produce AC or DC power
• Plug directly into home outlet
• Dump circuit available for DC loads
• Integrate several into a multi user power producing system (Gym or Workout facility)

Bike Stand to set mountain bike on to produce power
• Produce AC or DC power
• Plug directly into home outlet
• Dump circuit available for DC loads
• Custom build available for non-standard sized bikes

• Off grid and grid connected Solar installations
• Custom designed & built Thin Film solar installations (the roof metal is also the solar panel).
• Pelleting and densification of biomass as a heat source

• Work out facility design and installation of purchased power producing exercise bikes
• IT and General Project Management

Services & Solutions Coming Soon:
• Grass Pellets (to be sold by the bag, ton, or bulk)
• Grass Briquettes
• Window plastic system
• Alternative Energy Systems Parts Store

Assistance with installations
If you would like to install your own Solar or Residential Wind system, I do poses knowledge of how this is done and am available to assist. I have also worked to address maintenance issues that users have encounter.

I also am able to refer you to a local installer that I have worked with who offers and installs each, and also can offer recommendations for each along with providing corresponding product documentation. 

Since 2001 I have been in contact with related professionals, researching, and involved in building/installing Clean Energy technologies, and since 1998 I have worked as an IT Project manager.  All of this experience has led me to offer my services as described above, and offer products for sale like that which I’ve built or installed at our home. Please feel free to contact me for product and service requests, further information on any of the items below, questions, or to discuss how I might be able to help you.

To view details of my experience as related to the topics and technologies found on this site, select one of the links at the top or click here to view my resume.