About Ian Paddock

Below is an outline that lists in my involvement with clean energy technologies along with systems I have built and installed.  Please also feel free to view and download my resume at the end of this outline.

▪ Have produced for two years grass pellets used to heat our home.
▪ Completed solar power installations at my home (traditional and Thin Film BIPV)
▪ Built exercise equipment that can feed either the solar power installations batteries, or feed AC power directly into my homes power system
▪ Conducted Cellulosic ethanol production research and information gathering and converted grass, corn stalks, and soybean stalks to alcohol

 ▪ Attended community presentations on wind power
▪ Consulted on residential turbines, advised on various aspects of wind turbine topics, and visited several wind farms
▪ Worked to build and maintain a custom built wind generator
▪ Served as Secretary on the Town of Hammond Committee on Alternative Energy where the committee researched details for a draft law governing the placement of wind turbines in the town. The experience gained on this governing side of wind power (as opposed to the environmental & financial benefit and technical sides that I had studied for years) was invaluable in understanding the complete picture of this 100% clean energy source.
▪ Serviced existing solar installations
▪ Communicated with several Cellulosic Ethanol producers, pellet producers, and other associated operating entities including Iogen and Professionals at Cornell University
▪ Successfully established a Switchgrass plot on our farm in Hammond with the goal of learning how to establish Switchgrass, so that when the Cellulosic Ethanol market demand for it arrives, I will be ready to grow & sell it and also will be ready to assist other farmers with establishing it
▪ Met with Assemblyman Darrel Aubertine to discuss wind power for the North Country
▪ Published a letter supporting wind power in the Watertown Daily Times
▪ Established contacts with NYSERDA, wind producers and installers, pellet producers, and others involved in these industries
▪ I have worked professionally since 1999 as an Internet Technologies (IT) Project Manager and Systems Manager, and have experience with running network installations, billing/customer support/ corporate system implementation and development, complete Data Center and office moves, website development, and 100s of customer service implementation projects.

Click below to see and download a copy of my resume

Ian Paddock Resume (doc)